B&K Balustrades

B&K Balustrades Glass Barriers

B&K Balustrades introduces the ultimate in modern design, using marine grade 316 stainless steel, aluminium and toughened glass. This patented glass technology is easy to install and cost effective. These Glass Balustrades consist of all smooth surfaces, B&K Glass Balustrades are safe and easy to maintain over years of use.

B&K’s stainless steel and glass system fully complies with new strict building codes which have recently been introduced, banning frameless glass systems over one metre from the ground.

B&K suggests applications suitable for domestic and commercial balconies and barriers to give your home that feeling of modernism and a style for the future.

B&K Glass Balustrades Primary Features

Marine grade stainless steel, aluminium & toughened glass panels

Easy to install – Ideal for builders.

Safer – Glass fixed at floor level and top rail, no clamps

Strong continuous base plate

An ultimate unobscured view for your viewing

Very cost effective

Steel and glass easy to clean and maintain over years of functionality

Full height glass – Ideal as a wind barrier – perfect for beachside residences

Baseplate can be mounted flush with tiles or raised to allow surface water dispersal from balcony

Panels can be easily installed or replaced (if damaged), allowing use for many years to come

The glass appears to disappear into the deck – giving improved vision of your surrounding and adding value to your home


B&K Stainless Steel & Wire Balustrades


An architecturally modern design

B&K Stainless Steel & Wire Balustrades Primary Features

Marine grade 316 stainless steel rails and posts


Horizontal barrier system stainless steel wires 80mm centres

Bottom cover plate, marine grade stainless steel

Maximum unobscured vision adding modernism and value to your home


 B&K Automatic Gate Technology

 B&K Balustrades also offer Centurion Automatic Gate Technology to give you that touch of class and modernism to your home.

B&K offers the Centurion D10 and Centurion Vector2 automation systems. The D10 uses a battery driven high torque 24V DC Motor

coupled to a remote gearbox to provide an automation system that is fast, powerful and battery backed up this system is perfect

for industrial applications and commercial gates where heavy gates are installed.

While the Vector2 system is an all round winner for swing gates. Its linear operating principle with internal position control makes this system

quick and easy to install. The revolutionary mechanical design ensures a swift, powerful and reliable operator for the majority of domestic and light

industrial uses, the Vector2 is also powered by a low voltage motor ensuring safe operation and battery backup.

Come in and see us today for more information on our Centurion Gate Technology.